Process Chart Symbols

Actions, steps and connectors are represented in Process Charts by specific symbols, lines and arrows. A set of standard symbols and layout have been designed by the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). These are often used by process chart software and chart drawing programs, and makes the chart easier to understand when presented to other users.

Common Symbols

Start - indicates the Start of the process

Task - shows a specific action or process within the overall process

Decision - this is a branching point from which multiple paths can be taken

Input / Output - represents something entering or leaving the process, such as information, materials or product

Document - any form of documentation or report

Predefined Process - also called a subroutine, it may be represented in a separate process chart

End - indicates the End of the process

Process Chart Symbols

Extract - indicates a measurement, or the storage of finished goods in Process Charts

Database - information from a database

Direct Data - usually refers to a hard drive

On Page Ref - indicates that the process continues at a matching symbol on the same chart

Off Page Ref - indicates that the process continues at a matching symbol on a different chart

Stored Data - output of data to storage

Transfer - the transfer of materials to another process

Process Chart Symbols